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As a public school district, we strive to ensure that we act responsibly as educators, but also as stewards of public funds. Now, more than ever, it is important to us that we ensure we provide reports of accountability to the Ludlow community. We take this responsibility seriously and work to conduct Ludlow Public Schools business with integrity and transparency.

Some School Budgeting Information

School budgeting in Massachusetts has a number of nuances and complexities. This School Budgeting Basics document and the Glossary of Financial Terms document will hopefully  help to guide you through the primary aspects and terminology of school  budgeting for the Ludlow Public School District. 

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LPS Budget Documents 

Click on a fiscal year for budget documents including:

LPS Budget Information as Shared with BOS  

Joint Meeting Board questions from Tuesday,December 19, 2023

What is the difference between a “Level Service” budget and a “Level Funded” budget?   

A level service budget provides for the same level of service to students and families that was provided the previous year (no reductions in staff or programs).   Increasing costs, contracts, inflation cause level service budgets to increase the following year.   Due to these increases, a level funded budget, or one short of a level service, typically ends in a reduction in staff or programs.   

For example:

A level service budget for FY23 was a 4.65% increase. The LPS FY23 budget was increased by 1.44%, thus necessitating a reduction of 14 positions (several positions were subsequently put back using 1-time ESSER funds).  

A level service budget for FY24 (current) was 9.1% increase.  The percentage was higher than typical because the 1-time funds used in FY23 were no longer available.  The LPS FY24 budget was increased by 4.31%, thus necessitating a reduction in 20.4 positions- essentially 2 years worth of reductions.