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The Ludlow Parent Teacher Organization represents Chapin Street, East Street and Veterans Park Elementary Schools.
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PTO Officers Contact Information
Position Name Email Address Phone Number
President Tammy Chaves Seesters4always@gmail.com 209-4159
Vice President Tiffany Lyman tmlyman@gmail.com 297-2044
Secretary Jennifer Tatro Jatate73@gmail.com 221-7784 
Co-Treasurer Candida Kelley princess_cp@yahoo.com 583-7887
Co-Treasurer Sara Sweeney sweeneyfam3@aol.com 297-2155


PTO Mission

The object of the LES PTO will be to bring about a closer relationship between the home and school by developing a united effort between teachers and parents that will secure the highest advantages of education for each child. We will foster a spirit of cooperation between Ludlow Elementary Schools.

We will make every effort during the school year to supply volunteers as requested for school activities. The PTO’s main focus will be to support financially and otherwise the students of the Ludlow Elementary schools by providing enrichment programs, field trips, transportation and other essentials that may not be generally afforded by the school or school department. 

We (the PTO) are not responsible for school improvements or needs that are considered the responsibility of the building Principal, School Department or Superintendent. It will be the discretion of the Officers and committee members should a specific need arise.



The Ludlow Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin,
sexual orientation, age or disability in admission to, access to, employment in or treatment in its programs and activities.