Grade K-12 Registration

LUDLOW PUBLIC SCHOOLS | 205 FULLER STREET | LUDLOW, MA 01056 | Phone 413 583-5695 or 413 583-5031 | FAX 413-583-5666

Contact Information for Grades K-12 Registration

Beth Foye, Central Registrar

Harris Brook Elementary School

209 Fuller Street - Ludlow, MA

Phone: 413 583-5031 ext. 6 between 8:30AM-3:30PM Monday through Friday

**No child will be considered registered until all information is received**

Registration Forms for grades 1-12 can be accessed/downloaded by clicking HERE.

Registration Forms for Kindergarten can be accessed/downloaded by clicking HERE.

Please phone or email Mrs. Foye to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process. It is important to complete all of the required information in the packet as incomplete applications will cause a delay in processing your child's registration.

As part of the Ludlow Public Schools registration process you will need the following information to be available with your completed registration packet.

  • proof of residency

  • long form birth certificate that lists parents names

  • immunization records and current physical exam

  • most recent report card

  • court/legal guardianship/ custody documents (if applicable)

Students tranferring to Ludlow High School -- LHS Athletics Department New Student Transfer Form

Age Requirements

The School Committee has adopted the following age requirements for our public schools:

  • 5 years old by September 1st to enroll in Kindergarten

  • 3 years old by September 1st to apply for the Ludlow Integrated Preschool Program (click HERE to learn more about this program)

Special Education

  • Once the registration packet is returned and residency is proven all Special Education records including a copy of the most recent evaluations and signed Individual Education Plan (IEP - if applicable) must be brought to the Special Education Department at Central Office, 63 Chestnut Street, Ludlow, MA 01056.

  • Please call the Special Education Office with any questions: 413 583-5665 ext. 109 and speak to Janet O'Neil, Administrative Assistant.

Transportation Information

Transportation information can be found by clicking HERE.