Grade K-12 Registration

LUDLOW PUBLIC SCHOOLS  |  205 FULLER STREET  |   LUDLOW, MA  01056  |  Phone  413 583-5695 or 413 583-5031     |   FAX 413-583-5666  

Contact Information for Grades K-12 Registration

 Beth Foye

Central Registration Office 

 Harris Brook Elementary School

209 Fuller Street - Ludlow, MA 01056

 Phone: 413 583-5031 ext. 6 between 8:30 AM-3:30 PM Monday through Friday 

Kindergarten Registration Procedure

The LPS registration procedure for students in grades K-12 is now to be completed online via the Aspen Parent Portal.  

The online form will not be uploaded correctly to the ASPEN database if completed using all capital letters.

Registration MUST be completed using a computer/laptop and not a mobile device. 

To complete the registration process, all parents/guardians are required to schedule a brief in-person appointment with Mrs. Foye at Harris Brook Elementary School when all forms are uploaded.

If your child currently attends the ECC/Pre-K Program at East Street School, their information is already in the Aspen Student Information System.  Therefore you will NOT be required to complete the online registration process.

If you are planning to enroll your child in a private kindergarten, please notify us via the following email address - 

If needed, please contact Beth Foye at the Central Registration Office to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process using a computer/laptop and scanner in the Registrar's Office at Harris Brook Elementary School during school hours.

Please click HERE to view a helpful “how-to” document with directions on the steps to register your child online.

If you need to create an Aspen account, please click on the link below to navigate to the Aspen website, following the instructions found HERE.

As part of the online registration process, you will be required to upload the following documents to your Aspen account (directions included in the above link).


Age Requirements

 The School Committee has adopted the following age requirements for our public schools:

Special Education

Transportation Information

Transportation information can be found by clicking HERE.