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Domestic and Dating Violence Resources
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Domestic and Dating Violence Resources

Ludlow Police Resources

Ludlow Police Department: 413-583-8305

Ludlow Police Tip Line: 413-583-5655

Detective Alison Metcalfe: 413-583-8305 (ametcalfe@ludlowpolice.com)

School Resource Officer Paul Dobek: 413-531-3150 (pdobek@ludlowpolice.com)

In Case of Emergency Dial 911

Ludlow School Department Resources

Ludlow High School Counselors: 589-9001 X 2407

Christina Dionne:  c_dionne@ludlowps.org

Linda Duame: l_duame@ludlowps.org

Jacqueline Dupont: j_dupont@ludlowps.org

Tesha Ward:  t_ward@ludlowps.org

Lydia Brady:  l_brady@ludlowps.org

Ronald Hokanson (Social Worker):  r_hokanson@ludlowps.org

Baird Middle School Counselors: 583-5685 X 305

Mitchell Knowles:  m_knowles2@ludlowps.org

Emily Herring:  e_herring@ludlowps.org

Jessica Gonzalez:  j_gonzalez@ludlowps.org

James Connery j_connery@ludlowps.org

Megan Lutz (Social worker): m_lutz@ludlowps.org

Elementary School Adjustment Counselors

Veterans Park: 583-5695- Amy Harris (a_harris@ludlowps.org)

Chapin Street School: 583-5031- Linda Perlmutter (l_perlmutter@ludlowps.org)

East Street School: 589-9121- Mark Caron  (m_caron@ludlowps.org)

Ashley McGurn (Social Worker for all 3 elementary schools) a_mcgurn@ludlowps.org

Domestic and Dating Violence Resources

Domestic and Teen Dating Violence Shelter Program/Rape Crisis Center
• Arch/YWCA of Western Massachusetts: 413-733-7100
• Everywoman’s Center, UMASS: 413-545-0800
• Jewish Family Services of Western Mass: 413-746-2001
• Safe Passage: 413-586-5066
• Womanshelter/Companeras: 413-536-1628

Statewide Hotlines

• SafeLink MA Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline: 877-785-2020
• National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
• Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project: 800-832-1901

The Ludlow Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin,
sexual orientation, age or disability in admission to, access to, employment in or treatment in its programs and activities.