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Internet Safety Resources

What skills are needed to navigate today's Interent explosion? As more of our everyday life happens online, understanding and practicing safe Internet skills are critical to living responsibly.  As parents, teachers and community partners we all need to be aware of the dangers that can be part of our online presence. Below we have gathered some helpful links to websites that will assist and educate you on remaining safe and secure on the web.

Safety Resources
Google's Good To Know

This site offers various guides with information on how to secure your passwords, prevent identity theft, etc.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a nonprofit resource that helps families and educators teach students how to stay safe and smart in today's media-driven world.

 Planet Nutshell Several videos for students grade K-12 on various safety topics.
Common Craft Common Craft offers seven informative videos regarding specific Internet safety topics: online citizenship, secure passwords, etc.
 NetSmartzkids  This website is designed for students ages 5-17. It includes resources such as videos, games, activity cards, presentations, etc. It is affiliated with The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
PBS Webonauts Internet Academy Sponsored by PBS Kids this is a fun interactive activity for elementary students to encourage and teach online safety. When the student completes his/her mission they graduate from the Academy.
NSTeens This is another website affiliated with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and offers animated videos, short films, interactive comics, games to support tweens and teens about making safer online choices.
 A Thin Line  MTV and other media partners have collaborated on this website to educate teenagers and young adults about possible repercussions of their digital activities. It addresses subjects such as sexting, digital spying, excessive text messaging, instant messaging, etc.

Own Your Space--Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online This link will bring you to a free download for a16 chapter ebook written by Linda McCarthy to educate tweens and teens about being safe online. Each chapter addresses very specific topics such as the difference between secure and unsecured wireless networks.  It gives you the option to download the entire book or just specific chapters.
RADCAB This resource was created by Karen Christensson, a Library Media Specialist at an elementary school in Edina, MN. RADCAB is a great mnemonic acronym to help students remember a process for website evaluation:  relevancy, appropriateness, detail, currency, authority, and bias.
Safe Surfing Kids A resource for students and their parents to help them work together as they learn about important safety precautions to take while surfing the 'net.' 
TeachersFirst This website brings you a collection of reviewed resources focusing on Internet Safety. You might also want to check out the TeachersFirstEdge for teacher-friendly tips on using web tools safely.
Illinois AG Internet Safety This website shares valuable Internet Safety Modules arranged by grade level.

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